The Most User-Friendly Board of Directors Portal

A high-performing board of directors is no accident. The recipe for success is secure communication between board members. With the user-friendly board portal, the board members can securely and efficiently access, view, and share confidential documents while ensuring the highest security and compliance.

Why board management software?

The rise of IT technologies in a globalized economy has led to a new quality of informatization. An open-ended “information workspace” is being created based on the Internet. The information space forms a new basis for work and innovation processes and is of central importance for the future company. In knowledge work, in particular, new possibilities for communication and know-how networking are becoming the starting point for new forms of work and flexible organizational concepts. On the one hand, IT-supported processes ensure the “flow” of information in highly qualified work areas, restructure interfaces and become the backbone of systemically integrated organizations.

On the other hand, virtual collaboration platforms create the basis for new “publics” in which employees network as a community and share their knowledge. All this can be correlated with the activity of the collegial bodies of the company. For example, modern boards of directors use innovative digital solutions like board portals to ensure a secure collaborative environment and data repository. In this case, the board of directors portal serves as the main tool for improving the productivity of the collegial bodies. 

Besides, many people would be surprised to find that buying a board portal can save them money even in the first year. Based on research data from medium-sized companies, 12 meetings are held at the management and supervisory board level each year. Here you could save over €16,000 in net costs per year.

Diligent – user-friendly board portal for your company

Diligent is an easy-to-use board portal that renders paper documents online and fully leverages the potential of digitization to improve your board performance. Record decisions and record actions to ensure compliance deadlines are not missed. Board members can navigate board documents anywhere from a tablet to be better informed. When the meeting is held online, it is easier for directors to find common ground by tracking changes to documents, resolutions, etc.

It is a comprehensive tool that provides analytics services to help organize reports. It allows the user to receive all necessary information through secure channels. The service enables clear steps on what, when, and how users can use business tools. It’s easy to find documents and share them with the right parties. Organizations that choose Diligent gain access to virtual board portals, powerful documentation features, and administrative functions like calendars, collaboration tools, notifications, etc.

The Diligent board software offers the following functions:

  • A well-thought-out plan of the archive with a clear account of the stored files allows you to find the necessary materials quickly;

  • Chat for meeting participants on agenda items;

  • Automatic analytical reports on the activities of collegial bodies;

  • Interaction with videoconferencing systems for holding meetings remotely;

  • Creation and control of execution of instructions following the results of meetings;

  • Control of the preparation and publication of the minutes of the meeting;

  • The world-class security features;

  • Electronic voting.

So, the Diligent board portal has all standard to advanced online meeting tools that allow boards to conduct meetings with ease. Typical examples are audio and video conferencing, creating agendas and meeting minutes, online voting or polls, etc.