Remote Work Software Essential List 2022

Remote Work Software

The remote work trend is becoming more and more significant starting in 2020. The capabilities of today’s technology have allowed us to do this smoothly and efficiently. As of 2022, the number of remote employees and virtual teams continues to grow. Remote working software, in turn, is also keeping pace and actively adding to the ranks of offerings on the market. Nevertheless, companies must devote time to finding the most suitable remote work tool. This article outlines a list of the best remote work software offerings in 2022.


Jotform is an online designer that allows you to create your form. The nice thing about this tool is that you don’t need to be a developer; with Jotform, you can complete your form with simple mouse movements. Also, this place is great for collaborative work. Share a link with your colleagues and work on creating a form together. All changes with the platform are saved as soon as they are made. In addition, Jotform has a change history feature, so you can easily go back to a previous version.

The main features of Jotform are:

  • Creating forms is straightforward – you’ll be invested in minutes
  • Integrate your form with over 150 various apps
  • Easy process for collecting online payments


Slack is an effective platform for business communication. You can use it to exchange messages and files in real-time, make audio calls and quickly search for the material you need using instant search. Slack even allows you to share a screen. With this remote office software, you can communicate effectively with your employees no matter how far apart you are from each other. In addition, the software protects the privacy of your correspondence and calls.


Managing a team of employees requires a manager to be organized, and in the case of a remote team, things can be much more complicated. Trello is a useful online tool for managing virtual projects of any complexity. With it, managers can assign tasks to a whole group of employees or individuals, track work progress, and generally coordinate the process. Trello also offers a handy mobile app.

Trello’s main features are:

  • Perfect tools for organizing tasks – task cards and whiteboards
  • Set due dates, attach attachments, and publish checklists
  • Automate routine tasks.


InVision is the perfect tool for designers to work with. It provides effective collaboration and feedback tools. Leave comments, share interactive prototypes, and more.

The main features of InVision are:

  • A wide selection of quality templates – for scooping ideas
  • Continuous communication while not expressing pressure on others
  • Integration with Zoom and Microsoft Teams


When working remotely, the most important thing is to ensure clear and quality communication channels. After all, your team’s productivity is greatly reduced by any background noise and distractions. Krisp is artificial intelligence-based software that background noise from your call and ensures the user’s speech is crisp and clear, regardless of the circumstances.


Some employees may not go to the office but still, need good equipment to perform their duties. Firstbase allows companies to allocate and track their employees’ equipment by providing a simple billing system. In addition, the program offers the following:

  • Automated equipment selection process
  • Easy search and redistribution during off-boarding


Asana is a web-based tool that improves communication and collaboration between your remote team. The software streamlines project and task management within your space, allowing you to view project milestones, track progress, and share files. Asana offers over 200 integrations and automation of routine processes.