Choosing a board portal software with regards to security, simplicity and affordability

Modern board software providers offer you an ever-growing choice of tools to continuously, securely, easily, and quickly manage, store, use, and share all your business information. This article will consider the benefits of using board software from the security aspect.

Board software: how to gain better productivity in a board?

Large and medium-sized companies, municipalities, and associations face numerous challenges in preparing, implementing, and documenting board meetings. Nowadays, boards streamline the internal process of preparing and compiling meeting folders for paperless board meetings. Because the board portal helps the board secretariat create, securely manage and store all necessary documents. Various reports, agendas, board resolution template motions, minutes, meeting calendars, and contact details are automated here. The system makes every document entered available and traceable to anyone who has the correct access rights. The users can open this constantly synchronized application on their computer, smartphone, or tablet, even if they don’t have an internet connection. In addition, if a device is lost, it can immediately be remotely locked or erased.

The board portal offers maximum data protection and data security on the one hand and the other hand, location- and time-independent availability of this data, as well as a central, always up-to-date data room and in the traceable processing database. The software thus meets all the requirements of modern committee work and new developments in business life in the course of digitization. It helps to master the associated challenges and minimize the associated risks.

Simple and transparent operations in a board software

Most of the committee communication and meeting management solutions available, both software and cloud solutions, offer extensive functionality but do not address the special requirements of medium-sized companies, municipalities, and associations. Their executive boards, supervisory boards, and other committee members expect a secure, very fast, and, above all, easy-to-use solution for meeting management. However, these solutions often reach their limits regarding efficiency, data protection, and usability. The appointment calendar of committee members is more than sufficiently filled these days and does not allow any time-consuming induction or training of new IT solutions. It is not without reason that printed documents or e-mails are still often used for committee work and meeting management. Even if e-mail communication is encrypted, exchanging meeting documents by e-mail will quickly result in unmanageable chaos of versions for everyone involved.

How to choose a secure board portal provider?

The board software provider must be able to provide high-performance servers to companies and ensure that security and performance are guaranteed. These requirements have their price. Above all, it is security that is often not sufficiently appreciated by low-cost providers.

Therefore, there are several common criteria to consider when selecting a reliable board portal vendor:

  • an audit-proof activity log
  • data encryption
  • well-protected collaborative workspace
  • secure voting system
  • access data control
  • electronic signature.

With foreign providers, especially from the USA, there is a risk that unauthorized third parties or secret services can force access to the data. It can have fatal consequences for companies. That’s why insiders refer to German providers. On the one hand, local IT companies have the necessary know-how to develop the appropriate technologies. They are also certified by the Federal Office for Information Technology (BSI).