Choosing a board portal software with regards to security, simplicity and affordability

Modern board software providers offer you an ever-growing choice of tools to continuously, securely, easily, and quickly manage, store, use, and share all your business information. This article will consider the benefits of using board software from the security aspect.

Board software: how to gain better productivity in a board?

Large and medium-sized companies, municipalities, and associations face numerous challenges in preparing, implementing, and documenting board meetings. Nowadays, boards streamline the internal process of preparing and compiling meeting folders for paperless board meetings. Because the board portal helps the board secretariat create, securely manage and store all necessary documents. Various reports, agendas, board resolution template motions, minutes, meeting calendars, and contact details are automated here. The system makes every document entered available and traceable to anyone who has the correct access rights. The users can open this constantly synchronized application on their computer, smartphone, or tablet, even if they don’t have an internet connection. In addition, if a device is lost, it can immediately be remotely locked or erased.

The board portal offers maximum data protection and data security on the one hand and the other hand, location- and time-independent availability of this data, as well as a central, always up-to-date data room and in the traceable processing database. The software thus meets all the requirements of modern committee work and new developments in business life in the course of digitization. It helps to master the associated challenges and minimize the associated risks.

Simple and transparent operations in a board software

Most of the committee communication and meeting management solutions available, both software and cloud solutions, offer extensive functionality but do not address the special requirements of medium-sized companies, municipalities, and associations. Their executive boards, supervisory boards, and other committee members expect a secure, very fast, and, above all, easy-to-use solution for meeting management. However, these solutions often reach their limits regarding efficiency, data protection, and usability. The appointment calendar of committee members is more than sufficiently filled these days and does not allow any time-consuming induction or training of new IT solutions. It is not without reason that printed documents or e-mails are still often used for committee work and meeting management. Even if e-mail communication is encrypted, exchanging meeting documents by e-mail will quickly result in unmanageable chaos of versions for everyone involved.

How to choose a secure board portal provider?

The board software provider must be able to provide high-performance servers to companies and ensure that security and performance are guaranteed. These requirements have their price. Above all, it is security that is often not sufficiently appreciated by low-cost providers.

Therefore, there are several common criteria to consider when selecting a reliable board portal vendor:

  • an audit-proof activity log
  • data encryption
  • well-protected collaborative workspace
  • secure voting system
  • access data control
  • electronic signature.

With foreign providers, especially from the USA, there is a risk that unauthorized third parties or secret services can force access to the data. It can have fatal consequences for companies. That’s why insiders refer to German providers. On the one hand, local IT companies have the necessary know-how to develop the appropriate technologies. They are also certified by the Federal Office for Information Technology (BSI).

The Most User-Friendly Board of Directors Portal

A high-performing board of directors is no accident. The recipe for success is secure communication between board members. With the user-friendly board portal, the board members can securely and efficiently access, view, and share confidential documents while ensuring the highest security and compliance.

Why board management software?

The rise of IT technologies in a globalized economy has led to a new quality of informatization. An open-ended “information workspace” is being created based on the Internet. The information space forms a new basis for work and innovation processes and is of central importance for the future company. In knowledge work, in particular, new possibilities for communication and know-how networking are becoming the starting point for new forms of work and flexible organizational concepts. On the one hand, IT-supported processes ensure the “flow” of information in highly qualified work areas, restructure interfaces and become the backbone of systemically integrated organizations.

On the other hand, virtual collaboration platforms create the basis for new “publics” in which employees network as a community and share their knowledge. All this can be correlated with the activity of the collegial bodies of the company. For example, modern boards of directors use innovative digital solutions like board portals to ensure a secure collaborative environment and data repository. In this case, the board of directors portal serves as the main tool for improving the productivity of the collegial bodies. 

Besides, many people would be surprised to find that buying a board portal can save them money even in the first year. Based on research data from medium-sized companies, 12 meetings are held at the management and supervisory board level each year. Here you could save over €16,000 in net costs per year.

Diligent – user-friendly board portal for your company

Diligent is an easy-to-use board portal that renders paper documents online and fully leverages the potential of digitization to improve your board performance. Record decisions and record actions to ensure compliance deadlines are not missed. Board members can navigate board documents anywhere from a tablet to be better informed. When the meeting is held online, it is easier for directors to find common ground by tracking changes to documents, resolutions, etc.

It is a comprehensive tool that provides analytics services to help organize reports. It allows the user to receive all necessary information through secure channels. The service enables clear steps on what, when, and how users can use business tools. It’s easy to find documents and share them with the right parties. Organizations that choose Diligent gain access to virtual board portals, powerful documentation features, and administrative functions like calendars, collaboration tools, notifications, etc.

The Diligent board software offers the following functions:

  • A well-thought-out plan of the archive with a clear account of the stored files allows you to find the necessary materials quickly;

  • Chat for meeting participants on agenda items;

  • Automatic analytical reports on the activities of collegial bodies;

  • Interaction with videoconferencing systems for holding meetings remotely;

  • Creation and control of execution of instructions following the results of meetings;

  • Control of the preparation and publication of the minutes of the meeting;

  • The world-class security features;

  • Electronic voting.

So, the Diligent board portal has all standard to advanced online meeting tools that allow boards to conduct meetings with ease. Typical examples are audio and video conferencing, creating agendas and meeting minutes, online voting or polls, etc.

How To Give Access To The Meeting Agenda In A Virtual Boardroom Software?

Run streamlined and efficient business meetings with the virtual boardroom software to save time wasted on conference calls. You will have at your disposal the creation of the meeting agenda and other communication tools that work. You will give access to the Board Agenda and consistently keep the board participants informed of what is happening.

Does Virtual Boardroom Software Contribute to the Company’s Success?

It’s common knowledge that business teams generate different thoughts that can move your company forward. Having the virtual boardroom platform, the appointment members can track each idea as it comes up. Besides, the service allows fastening the process of assigning business tasks, and coming back to those ideas later. By making use of such a program, you can waste less time on typical administrative tasks and spend more time and efforts on your company needs. 

By the way, the software allows enterprises secretaries to create effective meeting agendas and hand them out before the board appointment starts. The platform’s polls, boards, and chats simplify the collaboration with project members, regardless of location or gadget, using just a browser and the Internet. 

The online boardroom software helps a lot in simplifying successful board meetings. Therefore, boards and leadership teams are able to operate more efficiently, move faster, and as a result achieve greater success for their organizations. 

The Board Meeting Agenda Significance 

Before starting a board meeting, make sure each member can easily follow main discussions. To keep the board meeting aligned, it’s vital to create a dynamic agenda that is accessible on any gadget using a dedicated application or even an intuitive mobile interface.

Virtual Boardroom Assistance in Creating Meeting Agenda Templates

To add value to a meeting’s agenda, the virtual meeting platform offers an agenda builder in template form. The software templates’ clear structure helps the secretary not to miss essential board meeting details. Usually, the software’s agenda builder allows its customers to:

  • change templates;
  • allocate time for the meeting presentation;
  • attach files if needed;
  • create a program from scratch;
  • record meeting audio material;
  • apply ready-made templates.

After joining a call in the online boardroom service, board participants are free to examine all necessary meeting data, including the meeting agenda. They also can raise their hand to speak, screen share, vote, observe meeting details, as well as control their microphone and camera. 

The meeting members will also have access to everything they need on one screen. Simply put, there is no need to navigate through multiple tabs to access the data and tools they need, such as:

  • viewing board meeting details;
  • examination of any other attached meeting data;
  • access to the meeting agenda;
  • accessing phone connection information;
  • sending messages to chat;
  • viewing board meeting minutes directly from the appointment agenda. 

The Bottom Line

When choosing a platform, read board portal reviews on, try out different platforms with free trials or demo accounts before finally deciding which software is best for you.It only takes a few minutes to understand how quality software can help you save time, increase productivity, and keep everyone in the know on upcoming projects and events.

Top Data rooms Software & Data Base Tools

A virtual data room is a web-based storehouse of information that is utilized for the safe putting away and sharing of basic data. It is a brought-together space supporting concurrent, multi-party demands for and admittance to archives and documents. 

virtual data room are utilized by brokers, lawyers, and financial backers to help due diligence during M&A, advance partnerships, authorizing, private value, and investment bargains. While picking virtual data room programming think about the accompanying:

  • Security: Security is the most pivotal element in a VDR. Guarantee that your decision is ISO agreeable and has solid encryption strategies.
  • Use Case: Any business that makes and offers secret, restrictive, or customer data will profit from utilizing VDRs. Merchants offer both industry-explicit and generally useful usefulness.
  • Customization: Will the members be inner or outside customers, specialized or non-specialized clients? Select a VDR that will oblige those attributes.
  • Scale: The size of the undertaking, its span, the measure of data, and the number of clients, will impact what VDR is suitable for your prerequisites.


iDeals Solutions in New York offers their simple to utilize virtual data room programming including drag-drop and mass record transfer and offer. It offers simple record sync with work area and association with big business content administration framework, programmed report ordering, and numbering. Besides, full-in archive text looks for a simple area of the right documents, among different components.

Share and work together on business-basic records in a safe manner with iDeals. It’s a main virtual information room supplier where the client can transfer information in any arrangement, welcome clients with the consent-based job. Team up without a hitch, control classified information and track quicker with higher security through an iDeals data room. Over 95% of significant banks utilized this product for secure report trade and undertaking joint efforts.


ShareVault in Los Gatos offers a VDR that promotes solid review trail and IP following just as a hotness guide to quantifying record watcher consideration. It can report sharing investigation, just as combinations with well-known distributed storage answers for archive stockpiling scale. Find the best virtual information space to sort out and share secret records with ShareVault.

Virtual data room programming to assume responsibility for secure report sharing and to follow the clients’ excursion. It’s not difficult to utilize programming to sort out and alter the information including logo and custom URL. The client can make their marked information room with the ShareVault and the product offers program-based intuitive distributing apparatuses to the clients.


SecureDocs is a virtual information room arrangement accessible by means of a 14-day preliminary with full components. Flaunting clients among organizations from around the world for raising money, M&A, authorizing bargains, key associations, reviews, business valuations, lawful occasions. For continuous secure corporate report stockpiling SecureDocs is introduced as an information room answer for a facilitated bargain for the executives.

You wanted the best virtual information room programming to get bargains finished. SecureDocs is a straightforward, reasonable, secure virtual information room supplier to set aside time and cash. The client can undoubtedly move organizers and reports and get underlying marks included through the product. The product additionally gives a significant understanding where you can discover review trail detailing, movement cautions, and client activities with IP follow. 

You can handle your information with authorization-based client jobs, two-factor validation, record watermarking, and adjustable NDA. These features give this VDR an advantage among other programs.